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Types Of Treatments We Offer

Conventional Treatment

We use chemicals that are effective in eliminating bed bugs for good. Safe for humans & pets.

Steam Treatment

We use steam (a light bed bug heat treatment) to deliver a lethal dose of heat to the areas where bed bugs could be hiding. Safe for pets & humans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bed bugs have evolved to support their species by hiding in hard to find places and moving from place to place by attaching themselves to clothing and other textiles.

No matter how clean and tidy your home, it is very easy to bring bed bugs in if they hitch a ride in your bag at a hotel, or on a piece of second-hand furniture, or even on your pants from sitting in a chair at the office. Once they are in your home, if they find a dry, warm habitat with small crevices to hide in and humans to feed on, they will get comfy and start to multiply.

Although many people attach a stigma to bed bugs, they are very common and can be found in the cleanest of environments – even hospitals and care homes. So if you suspect you have a bed bug problem, don’t be ashamed, contact the professionals at BBESD/Enviro-Tech Bed Bug Exterminator Inc who will help you to eradicate them swiftly, easily, and with the minimum disruption to your life.

Discovering an infestation of bed bugs turns sweet dreams into a nightmare for most people. Not only is it unpleasant to find these unwelcome guests having a sleepover in your bed, but it can also be costly to get rid of them.

It is well worth getting a specialist to do the job correctly – exterminating bed bugs requires specific techniques and tools to ensure that the problem is fully solved and that no stray bed bugs remain to continue breeding.

Bed Bug Exterminator San Diego/Enviro-Tech Bed Bug Exterminator Inc is very experienced in bed bug removal and will assess your problem and advise the best course of action. We will give you a no-obligation quote, and no hard sell! Depending on the size of the area and the treatment required a full bed bug removal can cost anywhere between $500 and $1750.

Don’t panic! Just give us a call, and the experts will take care of the problem for you. We will figure out just how bad the infestation is, and advise the quickest and most effective way to resolve it for you at the most reasonable cost so that you can sleep easy knowing it’s all sorted by us!

You can, as long as you’re trained to spot them. It’s important to note that common bed bugs are 6-legged flat oval-shaped bugs measuring up to 7mm. In other words, saying that they’re small is an understatement. However, baby bed bugs (nymphs) are so absurdly tiny and almost transparent, that they’re extremely difficult to spot, to say the least.

In other words, the answer to this question is that bed bugs are in general extremely small and can sometimes be seen, but only if you know how to recognize them. In addition to that, since bed bugs are mostly active at night, seeing them in the dark becomes an even more difficult task.

So how do we spot them? Well, we use a different and more reliable approach. Like true bed bug detectives, we know that while bed bugs may be difficult to see, they are easier to smell. In fact, our professional bed bug patrol is a team of highly skilled bed bug detection and extermination experts that will quickly recognize different signs of a bed bug infestation if there is one.

Given that this particular smell is an important sign of their existence and that they can’t hide it from dogs, we sometimes use K9 bed bug agents to run a 100% accurate diagnosis.

In a nutshell, when it comes to investigating, detecting, diagnosing, and putting a definitive end to a bed bug infestation, our track record is second to none.

Scientists have recently discovered that bed bugs can carry disease. These diseases can make you ill, and there is a possibility of getting sick from a bed bug bite.

When bitten by a bed bug, they feed on your blood, and some people, particularly small children or those who are anemic, can be susceptible to negative side effects from this blood loss.

You’ll be glad to hear, however, that there have been no proven cases of bed bugs transferring communicable diseases to a human. Phew! This may be because although they feed on human to human, like a mosquito, they cannot independently travel like a winged insect, so they are unable to reach as many humans.

Absolutely! At BBESD/Enviro-Tech Bed Bug Exterminator Inc we understand that bed bugs are a particularly persistent problem in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and that treatment must be undertaken with great sensitivity to the care needs of the residents living in the space.

We have carried out bed bug exterminations in many such facilities and work with care providers to find a treatment plan that swiftly resolves the bed bug problem with the minimum disruption to residents.

Yes, very easily, unfortunately! Most people start to suspect bed bugs when they either see a bug, find dark spots of dried blood on their bedding, or discover bites on their body. Usually, where you find one bug, there will be many, many more.

Bed bugs hide in dark places and reproduce quickly. Within three months, their numbers can explode, then adults will crawl into other areas and other rooms of the house and continue to reproduce.

Within just six months of a pregnant female bed bug entering your home, there can be 10,000 adults sharing your space, as well as over 100,000 nymphs (juveniles) and a further 55,000 eggs just waiting to hatch. It makes your skin crawl, doesn’t it?

This is why it’s important not to waste time with DIY treatments that ‘might’ work on some of the bed bugs. Ideally, you want to get rid of all of the bed bugs, at all life stages, in one swift extermination. This can only be achieved by a professional using specialist equipment and treatments. Here at BBESD/Enviro-Tech Bed Bug Exterminator Inc, we would be happy to do this for you so that you can sleep easily once again!

Hopefully not! However, if you have a bed bug infestation, you should be aware that they are one of the hardest pests to control and eradicate. They multiply and spread very quickly, so it’s important to act swiftly to control the spread and stop them in their tracks before they have the chance to spread throughout the house.

Calling in the professional is your best bet to get ahead of the problem and prevent a whole house takeover. As you walk around the home, it’s very easy to help bed bugs spread, as they can be tough to see and are easy to pick up on socks and clothing. Without realizing it, you may be making the problem worse if you don’t deal with it immediately!

The expert exterminators from BBESD/Enviro-Tech Bed Bug Exterminator Inc will assess your property and establish the scale of the problem and which areas are affected. They will then use several professional techniques and specialized equipment to interrupt the reproductive life cycle of the bed bugs and stop the infestation from exploding across the home.

Many DIY or over the counter bed bug treatments only affect the mature bugs. This means that as the thousands of eggs hatch into bed bug nymphs, the problem will keep coming back over and over again, and getting worse and worse as the bed bugs continue to breed and multiply, laying new eggs deep within your furniture, carpets, and clothing.

BBESD/Enviro-Tech Bed Bug Exterminator Inc aims to eradicate bed bugs at all stages of the life cycle, ensure that the cycle is interrupted and no new hatchlings will emerge in the days and weeks following completion of treatment.

Bed bugs are tiny, with fully grown bugs around the size of an apple seed, and immature nymphs almost impossible to spot with the naked eye. So, it’s very easy for them to hitchhike and catch a lift from your bed or sofa, on your clothing, to your car! They can live in the upholstery of your car for many months undetected and then pass back into the home.

This car to home transmission is a common source of reinfestation. We want your problem to be solved as quickly and effectively as possible, so we treat your cars at the same time as your property to ensure there are no hidden passengers. This goes above and beyond the packages offered by many exterminators, but our years of experience have shown us that it is a very worthwhile step to solve your bed bug problem for good. (You must request this, it has an extra cost)

There is no quick fix to get rid of bed bugs – and anyone who tells you there is doesn’t know what they’re talking about! Like all insects, bed bugs have a life cycle, so attempting a DIY treatment will often only affect the bugs which are in a particular stage of the cycle.

To fully and effectively exterminate the entire population of bed bugs, two or three treatments are often required. BBESD/Enviro-Tech Bed Bug Exterminator Inc expert exterminators will carry out an initial assessment and then utilize several different treatments over a few visits to the property to ensure that the problem is fully eradicated.

We will carry out a thorough inspection post-treatment, and once that is complete and occupants have been bite-free for 6-8 weeks, we will be satisfied that the life cycle has been interrupted and all bed bugs have been eradicated.

We offer a warranty so that you can be sure that should an unlikely resurgence of bed bugs occur for a limited period after treatment is complete, we will continue treatment until it is resolved.

Adult bed bugs are small, about the size of a pinhead, and are pale to dark brown. They often hide in cracks and seams, so look closely at your mattress, and your box spring by shining a torch into any dark crevices.

Bed bug eggs are even harder to see, as they are white or transparent and tiny. They are similar to head lice eggs but will attach to the fabric of your mattress or other soft furnishings.

Often the evidence that’s easiest to spot is fecal stains. These look like dark brown or black spots and can sometimes be mistaken for mold. Bed bug feces is almost entirely blood, so even though it will dry to dark brown, if rubbed with a wet cloth, it will turn red. If you find these clues, it’s best to call in an expert to assess the size of your problem!

Although they might freak us out, bed bugs are a part of the natural world that are just looking for a suitable habitat to live in.

Unfortunately, their favorite type of habitat matches very well with our warm, dry, cozy homes and workplaces, which are full of soft textiles and dark corners.

Most people would feel concerned and possibly embarrassed to learn that bed bugs are living alongside them in their space. Like all bugs, bed bugs have a connotation of being dirty and not looking after your home correctly.

From our experience dealing with thousands of bed bug infestations in San Diego, they can occur in all sorts of properties, regardless of who lives there or how they clean.

Our experts have treated bed bug infestations in houses big and small, modest and extravagant. We are discrete when we visit your property and carry out our work with the minimum fuss possible so that you can keep this problem to yourself, should you wish.

But don’t think that your neighbors haven’t already used our services, after all, San Diego is 26th in the country for having bed bug infestations!

If you have noticed small itchy red bumps on your skin, and spots of blood on the bedsheets, you may be getting bitten in the night by bed bugs!

Bed bug bites appear as small red bumps and are often seen on the arms, legs, hands, feet, shoulders, neck, and face. They can feel itchy or have some visible irritation around them. Sometimes they appear as a zig-zag pattern, and you may notice some dried blood around the bites.

Bed bugs are human bloodsuckers, and if you notice these strange spots on your skin, you may be their midnight feast! As soon as you see these signs, you must call in an expert to eradicate the bed bugs so that you are off the menu once and for all.

Bed bug eggs are white and around 1mm long. They are very hard to spot, so it’s more common to see the nymphs (juvenile bed bugs) or adults.

Nymphs are around 1.5mm to 4.5mm long, and adults are around 5mm long. They are hard-bodied insects with an oval-shaped body and a small head with antennae. They have six legs.

Bed bugs range in color from transparent through light brown to dark brown/black. As they feed on human blood, they darken in color, reaching their darkest shade once their meal is digested.

Following an initial inspection where we will scope out the size of the problem, we will advise a treatment plan that may include multiple visits by our experts to treat your property. This ensures that they can attack the bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle and catch any critters hiding particularly well, deep in the furnishings.

Occasionally, even after the course of treatment is complete, the bed bugs may make a reappearance – the repeat guest no one invited!

Don’t worry; our work is guaranteed, so if your bed bug problem rises again within a limited period after we sign the treatment off as complete, we will return and continue treatment until all the bed bugs are gone.

By the time you notice a bed bug problem, an infestation has likely taken hold. Young bed bugs (called nymphs) are not only tiny but transparent, so they are incredibly difficult for untrained people to spot. If you spot an adult bed bug, it’s likely his whole family is living nearby and multiplying at incredible speed.

Bed bugs live deep inside mattresses and other furnishings, as well as in clothes, curtains, carpets, and even in-car upholstery! Treating the one place where you spotted a bed bug may leave other infested areas in your home, and a cycle of reinfestation can occur as they move from place to place before you can treat them.

To prevent this spread to multiple locations and swift reproduction, it’s vital to call an expert in as soon as you are aware of the problem. The exterminators at BBESD/Enviro-Tech Bed Bug Exterminator Inc will very quickly assess the problem, ascertain how far they have spread and in what numbers, and begin effective treatment immediately.

Bed bugs live all around us, in domestic environments as well as in offices, movie theatres, cars, shops, hotels, and just about anywhere else you can think of that’s warm and dry. They like to hide in small gaps and cracks, close to humans, as they feed on human blood.

Bed bugs can often be found hiding in mattresses, sofas, upholstery, even picture frames, and electrical switchplates!

When you pass through a bed bug habitat, such as a hotel room, it is all too easy to pick up a hitchhiker. The tiny bugs can cling onto your clothing and travel with you undetected, and then drop off and set up a new home and begin breeding in a new location – such as your home. It is important to seek expert help as soon as you notice bed bugs in your environment, as these persistent pests can spread and increase in numbers very quickly.

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you have a bed bug problem and are looking for a quick and easy solution. Well, the experts here at BBESD/Enviro-Tech Bed Bug Exterminator Inc are happy to help, as we have over 10 years of experience dealing with these creepy critters.

As you search the internet for solutions, you’re likely to come across all sorts of suggestions, from homemade tea tree tinctures to professional heat treatments to specially made mattress casings.

Whilst each of these methods may have some merit; there is no one size fits all fix. Every bed bug infestation is different – the bugs may be the same, but the property they are in will be different, with different furniture, carpets, and mattresses, made of different materials, in different climates.

So, a tailored approach is required for any bed bug infestation. The expert exterminators at BBESD/Enviro-Tech Bed Bug Exterminator Inc will carry out an assessment of your unique situation and then create a tailored plan that makes use of a range of specialist techniques and professional equipment to stop the bed bugs in their tracks and prevent the problem from worsening.

Bed bugs exist on earth in huge numbers. One in five Americans reports having had a bed bug infestation at some point, with numbers booming in the warmer Summer months.

One female bed bug can spawn thousands of eggs, nymphs, and ultimately adult bed bugs in just three months. If half of those thousands of bed bugs reproduce at the same rate, you can see how there will be millions before too long! This is why it’s vital to act fast to stop bed bugs reproducing and living in your space.

Bed bugs are incredibly difficult to detect if you aren’t a professional. Many people first notice a problem when they discover bites on their skin and may never see the bugs themselves at all.  This means that often an infestation has truly taken hold before treatment begins.

Unfortunately, DIY and at-home treatments for bed bugs rarely work because they don’t reach every bug and because they only deal with bugs at one stage of the life cycle – while new bugs will continue to hatch and reproduce. Bed bugs can also hide out of sight and survive for 6-12 months without food.

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